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What Does a Fort Lauderdale Marine Accident Lawyer Do?

The typical Fort Lauderdale boat crash lawyer deals with a variety of injuries that occur with boats, personal watercraft, and injuries that occur when people are on or in the water. Here are a few examples:

•    Boat collisions with other boats
•    Snorkeling and Scuba diving accidents
•    Wind surfing and kite surfing accidents
•    Waterski and tubing accidents
•    Jet Ski accidents
•    Boating accidents where alcohol is involved

Florida Boat Accident Statistics
There are more registered boat owners in Florida than in any other state. As you might expect, Florida also has the highest number of boating accidents.

When it comes to boating fatalities,
•    Falling overboard accounts for 38% of fatalities
•    Almost half of fatal boating accidents occur between noon and 8 p.m.
•    Alcohol and drug use account for 22% of boating fatalities
•    90% of fatal boating accident victims are male
•    More than half of fatal boating accidents are in boats less than 17 feet long

What Your Lawyer Needs to Know
When it comes to boating and other marine accidents, you need a lawyer who has a clear understanding of complicated issues like jurisdiction, maritime and navigational laws, and even engineering issues that affect those in boat accidents. Depending on where an accident occurs, Federal Maritime laws may apply, Florida laws may apply, or a combination of both types of law may apply.

No Substitute for Experience
If you’re in a boating accident you need a lawyer who practices in State and Federal Court so that you can pursue justice to its fullest for your injuries. Finding an attorney who participates in activities like boating, sailing, fishing, and diving is another advantage when it comes to obtaining compensation for injuries suffered in maritime accidents. The best attorney will have experience dealing with insurance companies and fighting in court for those injured in boating and other water accidents.

Aggressively Pursuing Justice
Insurance companies can be tough adversaries. That’s why your Fort Lauderdale marine accident lawyer should have the experience, courtroom skill, and drive necessary to pursue your case successfully.


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