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Three Things Not to Say After a Car Accident

Did you ever hear the saying, “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me?” It’s not true. Your own words can hurt you in certain situations, and one of those is after a car accident in Ft. Lauderdale. 

Experienced attorneys often see situations where a car accident victim says something that hurts their ability to recover after the accident. Words can make you look like you were at fault even when you were not. So, be wary of these three things to avoid after a car accident. 

Do Not Say You’re Sorry

Many of us were raised to say “I’m sorry” when we learn that someone is having a hard time. It is a compassionate response, an expression of empathy. 

However, when the words “I’m sorry” come out of your mouth, it can sound like you are expressing sorrow and remorse for an action you regret. It can be seen as an admission of guilt. Maybe you do feel little guilty after a car accident even if you did nothing wrong. Guilt is one of those feelings that can plague us for no reason. 

Bite your tongue and fight the impulse to say something polite. If possible, say very little until you have had a chance to consult your car crash attorneys.

Do Not Say That You are Fine

This is another situation where our polite instincts can cause problems later. When we are hurt, we often try to downplay the severity to avoid worrying others. But that is not a good idea after a car, boat, bicycle, pedestrian, slip and fall, or any other kind of accident. 

To begin with, you cannot be certain that you are “fine” until after you have had a thorough medical examination. You could have internal injuries that are not easily detected. You could have injuries that take time to manifest or that are more severe than you realize. Emotional trauma from the crash could haunt you for years to come, but you will not know that until some time after the accident. 

Ft. Lauderdale car crash lawyers know that when accident victims go on record as saying that they are “fine,” it can be more difficult for them to prove later that they, in fact, suffered serious injuries. Try to avoid saying much about your condition until you know the long-term effects.

Do Not Express an Opinion

You might think you know the cause of a car accident. But try not to tell others your opinion until your attorneys have the opportunity to investigate. 

After the collision, try to relate only the facts and avoid speculation about what others were doing or what caused certain things to happen. Your opinions could be wrong, yet they might still be treated as “evidence” that could jeopardize your ability to recover or even wrongfully point the finger at you as the culprit.

What You Should Say to Your Ft. Lauderdale Car Crash Attorneys After an Accident

A car accident is a traumatic experience. One of the best ways to protect yourself in the aftermath is to get advice and counsel right away from someone who understands your situation and knows how to handle it. The dedicated car crash attorneys at the Maus Law Firm could help handle questions from investigators and insurance companies so you can focus on moving forward after your accident. For a free consultation and case evaluation, contact us now.


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