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Three Costs for Uninsured Motorists

Three Costs for Uninsured Motorists

More than 40,000 people die from car accidents in the United States every year, and another 3 million are injured. Those statistics are anything but reassuring and, if you drive on a daily basis, you’ve probably been in at least a fender bender.

The stress of being in a car accident increases exponentially as soon as you learn the other driver is uninsured. Though drivers in Florida are required to have insurance by law, not everyone does, which can leave you in a very costly situation.

1. Medical Bills

If you’ve ever had to stay in the hospital, you probably already know that medical bills can add up fast. When you’re in a car accident with an uninsured driver, there’s no way to know if those bills will be covered, unless you hire someone from Maus Law Firm, where we’ve been practicing law in Ssouth Florida since 1993.

2. Lost Wages

If you’re injured in a car accident, you’re likely going to have to miss at least a few days of work. This can result in lost wages. According to CNN, 75 percent of Americans are currently living from paycheck to paycheck, which means, if you’re like most, you can’t afford to miss a lot—or even just a little bit of work.

3. Car Damage

The most obvious cost that you’ll incur after you’re in an accident with an uninsured motorist is the property damage to your car. Unless you want your own insurance premium to increase, though, it’s best to let us handle your case and ensure you get the money that you deserve.

And if You Need a Boca Raton Uninsured Driver Lawyer?

Maus Law Firm proudly serves clients in all of south Florida, so if you need a Boca Raton uninsured driver lawyer or a Pompano Beach worker’s compensation lawyer, call us today at 954-784-6310! Our staff has over 47 years of experience combined, and we can help you avoid these three costs if you’re ever in an accident with an uninsured motorist.


Client Testimonial

"After my car accident, the Maus law firm represented me. Mr. Maus and his entire staff are absolutely amazing! They answered all of my questions and concerns right away. They guided me step by step throughout the entire process. Mr. Maus got me the maximum settlement for my case. Very reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend the Maus law firm!"

Posted By: Carol Austin

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