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Most Common Complaints Behind Cruise Ship Lawsuits

When planning to go on a cruise, many visions and ideas circulate around beautiful destinations, relaxing activities and high-class sailing. Sometimes, though, you or someone you know will come back from a cruise with memories that weren’t so enjoyable. Accidents are fairly common on cruises, and some have the tendency to occur with greater frequency than others.

Common Claims Against Cruises

Potential accidents are everywhere on cruises. Passengers who are unfamiliar with cruise ships, the setup of multiple floors and decks, and the activities offered on some cruises increases the possibility for a mishap. Some of the more common passenger claims are slip and fall accidents and pool and slide accidents. The amount of people on board and the nature of poolside play lead to these complaints being heightened.

Additionally, contaminated food, fires, physical altercations, virus outbreaks and falling overboard are also prevalent grievances against cruise lines.

These occurrences can happen to anyone and can cause significant physical and financial injury to those involved. Following these incidents, cruise passengers have the right to file claims against the cruise line in order to get financial compensation.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a cruise accident, you may have a case for a personal injury lawsuit. To get more information about your rights to a personal injury claim, call Maus Law Firm at 954-784-6310.



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"Even when I was not able to get a physician to follow up with me for a broken bone following a car accident, the Maus firm, in particular Rocio, worked hard on my behalf and reached a good settlement for me. This was accomplished long distance, as the accident happened in Florida and I live in Indiana. They worked on my case for 3 years and did not give up."

Posted By: Debra Murray