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Cruise Ships Can Be Dangerous Places – You Need a Lawyer Experienced in Maritime Law

It is well known that cruise ships are dangerous places and passengers are expected to know in advance that hazards exist and do occur. Cruise ship company are afforded certain protections under the law to account for the damages that these hazards cause. For example when your take cruise aboard a Florida cruise ship you’re expected to know that certain natural conditions can occur.

  • Storms 
  • Rough Seas
  • Slippery Decks
  • Onboard viruses such as norovirus

When taking a Florida cruise ship for a cruise at sea one expects calm waters and pleasant skies. But mother nature does not always cooperate. Certain seasons are more prone to produce predictable severe weather, but when an unforecast storm appears out of the blue a ship’s captain is not always able to navigate around it. Even the largest cruise ships can be tossed about at sea like a row boat causing you to take emergency cover in your quarters and hold on for dear life while the storm passes.

Rough waters can be even worse and ruin your entire trip. There’s nothing as annoying as taking a few steps and then having to grab a handrail as the ship lists from side to side endlessly throughout the day and night.  A few years ago the Carnival Ecstasy took an abrubt 90 degree turn to avoid hitting a buoy and sandbar causing passengers to fly across the dining room along with the furniture.  Constantly losing your balance can prevent you from being able to enjoy many of the ships activities and cause you to spend the day sitting in a lounge chair or laying in bed wishing you were on dry, firm land.

Large waves and rain storms can cause flooding. A flood does not have to be up to your neck to cause inconvenience and produce hazardous conditions. Even and accumulation of water less than an inch can cause electrical problems causing blackouts as well as creating slip and fall hazards wherever you’re walking.

Cruise ships are required to maintain their vessels in a reasonably dangerous condition and to warn their passengers that unavoidable risks exist. Cruise ships are also required to take every safety measure possible to mitigate injuries that could occur due to these natural hazards. Cruise ship companies are not exempt from liability for your injuries that occur due to their negligence and are held to the same legal standards as they would be if they were operating a hotel on dry land.

Maritime law is complex and you’ll need an experienced and knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale cruise ship lawyer on your side. If you have been injured while boarding or aboard a Ft Lauderdale Cuise Ship, our firm can help you get the compensation you deserve for your cruise ship accident claim.


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