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Is it Hard to File a Claim without Police Report in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?


Got in an accident? Don’t worry! You won’t believe it, but a report from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) depicts that Florida had over 401,000 crashes in 2021. However, in these conditions, a police report works as the best evidence, but can one claim insurance without a police report in fort Lauderdale?

These accidents included various crashes, from minor to car accidents. However, only 40% of these accidents turn into any injury. It does mean that most accidents get resolved on the spot without any huge tantrums.

But, still, it happens that you notice damage to your car later or get an ache at any body part. Can I claim insurance without a police report? This question will perplex you as you didn’t file a police report during the accident. Therefore, we will answer you today with accurate insights to help you.

When can you Claim without Police Report in Florida?

Although, a police report is a cornerstone to claim your rights upon any unforeseen conditions. Many legal authorities and insurance companies take police reports as the main evidence to determine liability and compensation.

On the flip side, there are certain cases where you can navigate the claims without needing a police report. These are as follows:

Minor Incidents

Accidents containing less distress or damage to properties don’t need to involve the police. These incidents involve fender benders, light scratches, or collisions in parking lots. Most insurance companies pass on the requirement of the police report in these cases.

Private property accidents

Law authorities don’t respond to any accidents within your property, such as driving away. In this case, you can prefer any alternative documentation that can help you as evidence to aid in filing a hit and run claim without a police report.

How to File a Claim Without a Police Report

Collect Basic Information

First, gather all the information you can find from the incident scene. Search for the nook and cranny of all the items involved and pen down all crucial aspects. These crucial insights could include the location, time, and the opposite party’s contact number if it was exchanged.

Gather Witness Statements

Got a witness of the incident? Then it is best in your favor! Ask for their information and statement of whatever they observed during the incident as evidence.

Proof of Damages

Before landing on any authority, you must gather all the information and evidence. Visual evidence will work best to crack all tough nuts in proving yourself for claiming in better conditions.

Contact Insurance Company

When you are ready with your evidence, it’s a good time to contact your insurance company. The company will guide you through the process, provide instructions on filing a claim, and provide all documents seamlessly.

Possible Challenges while Claiming without Police Report

Avoid Delay in Reporting

There is one thing that can make filing a claim without a Police report is trekking up a steep mountain. It takes too long to file an insurance claim without a police report. The longer you take accomodation from your insurance company, the longer it’ll take to navigate the process.

Policies of Insurance Company

Some insurance companies have distinct policies for making insurance claim without police report. Therefore, it must acknowledge all the requirements and regulations of the company’s claims policies.

Determination of Liabilities

Another challenge considered a great hurdle is measuring the liability, especially when auto insurance claim without a police report. To endure this issue, one must keep good evidence and documents for a smooth proceeding of claiming your rightful compensation.

Find Fort Lauderdale Attorney at your side When You’re stuck in a fender bender

You don’t need to panic if you have been involved in a car accident or a minor personal injury. Mau Law firm has great practice in overall Fort Lauderdale, south Florida. Therefore, you can count on us to seek compensation in an accident claim without a police report.

All you need to do is find competent lawyers to set free your doubts and get the best financial payout for your damages. Don’t think twice; contact us to find us ready to help.


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