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Bad Landing Forces Florida Woman to Sue Major Airline

After a hard landing on a U.S. Airways flight, a Tampa-area woman is suing the airline for injures she reportedly received upon touchdown. Nancy Linker, 48, was hospitalized after the front tires of the plane she was a passenger on blew out in June of 2009. Although the injuries were not specified in her lawsuit, both sides agreed that the landing was a hard one.

According to depositions, the plane’s front gear collapsed, which forced the pilots to slam “hard onto the runway with tremendous force.” The only discrepancy is that the airline initially claimed that no passengers were injured in the landing.  However, U.S. Airways spokesmen have since refused to comment about the case.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the defendant, Ms. Linker, is seeking damages for negligence that resulted in disfigurement and the “loss of ability to earn money.” With a plane full of witnesses that included the late celebrity pitchman Billy Mays, no one disputes that that the aircraft came down hard and that minor injuries occurred, even if they were not immediately treated.


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Posted By: Debra Murray