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Avoiding Car Accidents at Intersections

Traffic Intersections Pose Deadly Challenges for Many Drivers

            Approximately 32,367 Americans died in fatal car accidents in 2011.  One government study estimates that close to 40% of all injury and fatal accidents take place at intersections. Another source basically agrees and states that “an average of 21% of the fatalities and roughly 50% of the serious injuries have been attributed to intersections.”  When you think about it, that’s where we all see the majority of car accidents in Florida, in addition to those we often pass by on I-95, I- 595, I-75 and the Turnpike.

Both “cross-shaped” and “T-shaped intersections” can pose serious threats, along with other odd configurations. In addition, intersections are plagued by speeding drivers, poor road surface conditions and inadequate traffic signs and warnings.   The following suggestions can help all drivers minimize their chances of having an accident at an intersection.

Ways to Maximize Safety at Traffic Intersections

  • Make as few left-hand turns as possible. We all tend to get a bit nervous when handling such maneuvers. While you may be an excellent driver, you’ll never know for sure if the driver heading toward you is busy texting someone, having a heated discussion on their cell phone or turning around to discipline kids in the back seat;
  • Urge Your City and County to Use the Longer “All Red” Traffic Lights. The added two seconds  that many of these systems provide can actually decrease accidents and increase your chances of traveling safely through intersections;
  • Keep your car in good shape so it won’t overheat at an intersection. Regular car maintenance checks will lower your chances of having your vehicle break down at a dangerous intersection;
  • Make sure there’s adequate lighting and clear signs noting upcoming intersections. Accidents always tend to multiply when drivers have poor visibility or are unaware that a major intersection is about to appear up ahead — just around a curve in the road;
  • Be sure to maintain adequate overpasses, bridge walks and underpasses in your community. You can easily decrease accidents by providing pedestrians with safe ways to cross over busy intersections;
  • Urge your city and county to maintain proper highway and street road surfaces. Loose gravel, potholes and other undesirable surfaces cause added problems in and around busy intersections;
  • Keep alternative driving routes in mind for every trip or outing. Before ever getting into your car, study a map to familiarize yourself with various side streets surrounding major  intersections so you’ll be able to avoid them during rush hour or other busy times;
  • Make sure school and hospital intersections are marked with adequate traffic signs. Since these areas attract high pedestrian and vehicular traffic, it’s critical for them to be properly marked so people will always have the opportunity to make proper turns.

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Posted By: Carol Austin