The Ins and Outs of Workers Compensation Settlements

One of the most commonly asked questions which arises in a Workers’ Compensation claim is how much a particular claim is worth if the injured worker enters into a settlement.  The answer is that it depends on the specific facts surrounding each case.  However most Workers’ Compensation settlements are based upon a combination of the […]

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3 Things You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation

If you ever happen to amputate your finger in the deli you’re working for or develop an illness due to dangerous insulation, workers’ compensation is supposed to  compensate your medical expenses and pay for any days you were absent from work. To make sure you get the workers’ comp you deserve, here are three things […]

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Florida’s workers compensation system is designed to protect injured workers by regularly monitoring insurance company’s provision of services and benefits. Yet it’s your South Florida workers’ compensation attorney who plays the critical role of promptly submitting your paperwork so that you can concentrate on obtaining the medical treatment and rehabilitation services you need. Without an […]

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When do I get workers compensation checks after I have been injured?

Florida Workers’ Compensation:  Key Questions about Benefits             Once injured workers have begun receiving medical treatment for their injuries, it’s natural for them to start wondering how they’ll financially support themselves and their families until they can work again.  Questions about when a first benefit check may arrive, who must pay for all of the […]

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Fort Lauderdale Work Comp and Premises Liability Compensation

Injuries are an unfortunate but inevitable part of life. They can happen at any time when you’re at work or out and about in town. In Florida, there are more than 60,000 people injured on the job each year. Whether you’re an employee who has been hurt while working or if you’ve been injured on […]

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Pre Existing Injuries in Florida Workers Compensation Claims

A Look at Florida’s Major Contributing Cause Rule             Like many other states, Florida makes a good faith effort to provide injured workers with all of the medical and financial benefits they are entitled to receive. However, the law can become rather complicated since some workers may already suffer from pre-existing illnesses and disabilities prior […]

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Florida Work Accidents: How does an injured worker get his benefits?

 Receiving Medical and Wage Benefits in Your Florida Worker’s Compensation Case             Although retaining an experienced worker’s compensation attorney will help make sure you receive all the workers comp benefits to which you are entitled,  injured workers (and their family caregivers) must still shoulder important responsibilities to help their cases move smoothly through the system. […]

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How Long Does A Florida Workers Compensation Claim Take

How Long Does A Florida Workers Compensation Claim Take             When you’ve just been injured on the job, chances are you’re mostly worried about finding the best medical care possible, staying afloat financially and either keeping your job or qualifying for a new one. Fortunately, if you hire a South Florida workers compensation (WC) attorney, […]

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Do you get paid your wages after a Florida on-the-job accident?

Florida Worker’s Compensation:  Temporary Wage Benefits It’s not always easy for worker’s compensation doctors to predict how particular medical treatment  may help new patients. After all, each injured worker presents with a unique medical history, unrelated health issues and possible pre-existing  injuries.  Often during the lengthy evaluation period, many workers become concerned about lost income. […]

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How to file a Florida Workers Compensation Claim

Filing a Florida Worker’s Compensation Claim All workplace injuries in Florida are treated the same.  Whether your accident or injury occurs in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Hollywood, Boca Raton, or anywhere else in Florida, workers compensation claims are controlled by Chapter 440 of Florida Statutes.  Despite the thousands of workers compensation accidents occurring every year in […]

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