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Pompano Beach Labor Lawyer Explains your Rights

Most hourly employees in Florida are entitled to 1.5 times their hourly wage for hours over 40 worked in a single work week. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) defines a work week as seven consecutive work days. For example, Florida minimum wage is currently $7.67 per hour. Therefore, a minimum wage employee working in excess of 40 hours in a work week should receive the overtime wage of $11.51 per hour for the extra hours.

Fear of Employer Retaliation
Some workers are afraid to claim overtime pay for fear of employer retaliation. But FLSA makes it illegal for employers to fire or discriminate against any employee for filing a complaint. If your Pompano Beach overtime lawyer shows that your employer retaliated after you filed a complaint, the burden is on the employer to prove that the action was not discriminatory.

What You’re Entitled To
If your employer owes you for overtime, you can hire a Pompano Beach overtime lawyer to work with the Department of Labor to ensure you are compensated correctly for every hour worked. Overtime abuses are not rare. In 2008, for example, nearly 200,000 employees claimed a total of over $140 million in overtime back wages due to FLSA violations. Your Pompano Beach overtime attorney can determine whether you’re due overtime pay and exactly how to go about getting it.

Why You Should Insist on Justice

If you allow your employer to get away with not paying you overtime to which you’re entitled, you’re basically letting them steal from you, just as if they took money from your wallet. By standing up for your overtime rights, you send a message that employers can’t get away with cheating employees, some of whom may be your friends or family members.

Your First Step
Calling a Pompano Beach labor lawyer is the first step toward holding employers responsible for paying you what you’re owed. Engaging an experienced Pompano Beach overtime attorney shows your employer that you know your rights, and that you know they’re not allowed to retaliate against you for bringing a claim. By claiming the overtime you’re owed, you stand up for yourself and millions of other Florida workers.


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