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Your Job and Your South Florida Employment Lawyer

South Florida is a busy region, filled with plenty of great activities and opportunities for people from every walk of life. Working class families are the lifeblood of the South Florida economy. Without safety officers, food service workers, equipment installers, and other important occupations, the economy would fall flat. If your employer is acting illegally under Florida and federal employment law, you owe it to yourself and your family to speak to a South Florida employment lawyer. How Employers Try to Deny Overtime Pay Your employer may tell you that you’re ineligible for overtime pay because you’re an “independent contractor” or because you’re “salaried.” They may say that you should have been able to complete your duties within the 40 hour workweek. But your employer may not be telling the truth. If you’re working more than 40 hours in a week and being denied overtime, a South Florida overtime attorneycan help. Holding Employers Accountable When you work in excess of 40 hours per week but aren’t paid overtime, your employer is essentially stealing from you. And if it’s happening to you, it’s a good bet that it is happening to other employees too. It takes courage to speak to an employment lawyer and pursue the overtime you’ve earned, but you’re doing the right thing when you do. Retaliation is Illegal If you file an overtime claim against your employer, they are not allowed to retaliate by drastically cutting your hours, firing you, or otherwise intimidating you (by, for instance, firing a relative of yours who works at the same place). If they do this, they’ll be on the hook for far more than just the overtime pay they owe you. Protecting Your Rights Helps Others Maybe you think it’s too much trouble, or not a big deal to let your employer get away with denying you overtime. But your contribution to the South Florida economy is critical. When you hold your employer accountable, you’re standing up for others in the same situation and discouraging employers from trying these tactics. Call a South Florida overtime attorney and stand up for your rights. south florida overtime attorney