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Wrongful Death Cases May Arise from Many Different Scenarios

Wrongful death is exactly what it sounds like: a death that should not have happened and would not have happened if not for someone’s negligence or reckless actions. Survivors may be left with extreme mental pain and suffering, and they may also face financial challenges if the deceased was a breadwinner. At the law firm of Joseph M. Maus & Associates, we work diligently for those who are bereft after an avoidable death.

When Disease Results from Negligence

Occasionally a wrongful death attorney goes to work on behalf of the survivors of someone who became fatally ill due to negligence. One example that most people have heard of is the case where a person contracts fatal Legionnaire’s disease from a hotel heating and air conditioning system or a hotel spa. While these cases are rare, they are devastating to those left behind.

Faulty Consumer Products Can Kill

Ironically, sometimes it is a product designed to improve safety that can result in death. For example, a type of adult portable bed railing was implicated in 155 deaths from 2003 to 2012. Most deaths occurred at home, and most occurred when a person’s head or neck became stuck in the railing. If you believe a consumer product is implicated in a loved one’s death, contact a wrongful death attorney as soon as possible.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Resulting in Death

The wrongful death attorney usually deals with more car accident cases than any other type. Reckless or negligent driving, or driving while impaired can take a life in an instant, leaving survivors heartbroken and bewildered. An experienced attorney knows to thoroughly research every aspect of the accident so that all liable parties may be identified and held accountable for their part in the death.(Read more about auto accident laws here)

Death on the Job

In 2011, more than 4,600 workers were killed at work. Workers’ Compensation provides death benefits in these cases, but the process can be onerous and upsetting for family members who are grieving. A skilled, experienced lawyer like those at Joseph M. Maus & Associates assists greatly during this difficult process and can ensure that survivors do not give up rights when working toward a wrongful death settlement.

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