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How to win your Florida slip and fall accident lawsuit

How To Win Your Slip-and-Fall Accident Case

            Thousands of slip-and-fall cases occur each year in grocery stores, big box stores, amusement parks like Disney World, malls, and the many other large businesses that people come in contact with.  But with the current status of Florida’s slip and fall laws, it can be challenging for even a good lawyer to win a slip and fall claim.

In Florida, store managers or their employees are supposed to walk down their aisles and all around the premises on a frequent basis to check for spillage. They also supposed to have employees regularly checking video monitors to make sure all clean-ups are handled as quickly as possible.  As we all know though, this doesn’t always happen.   Fortunately, a knowledgeable Florida personal injury attorney can investigate your claim  so that you have a good opportunity to receive the funds you deserve while healing from your injuries.

If you are injured in a Florida slip and fall accident, pay close attention to, and make notes about the following:

●          The manager or employees of the business may make statements as to why the slippery substance was on the floor, or for how long it had been there;

●          Whether there were any employees of the business nearby the area that you fell; those employees could have seen the dangerous condition, and are usually trained to clean the area before somebody gets injured;

●          Were any safety barriers or signs in the area?  Employees are also trained to put out warning signs until they can get the area cleaned up;

●          Are there any videotape cameras that caught your accident on video?  Most businesses have videotape near the entrance/exits; and the cash register areas.  Some larger retailers and the amusement parks will also have video camera’s placed throughout the store.

●          Were any other shoppers or guests of the business nearby and can act as potential witnesses?

●          Were any vendors servicing the business nearby and can act as a potential witness?

●          Were the any characteristics of the substance that caused you to fall that would indicate the substance was on the floor for a long period of time, i.e. ice melted or thawed; fruit turning brown; a puddle with footprints or tracks through it?

Slip and Fall claims in Florida are difficult claims to win.  Every piece of factual evidence that can be preserved is critical to the success of the claim.  By hiring an experienced South Florida personal injury attorney to handle your claim, you’ll have a much better chance of winning your case.

If you’ve suffered a serious injury slip and fall, trip and fall or other accident at a business, contact the Maus Law Firm to learn more about your rights.  The Maus Law Firm has offices in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and the Florida Keys, and handles accident and injury claims throughout Miami-Dade, Monroe, Collier, Lee, Broward and Palm Beach counties.  You’ll need the help of an experienced South Florida accident and injury attorney on your side. Call Toll Free today at: (855) 999-LAWS, or locally at (954) 784-6310.



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