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Why a Cruise Attorney is Necessary for Any Cruise Ship Litigation

Cruise lines have a lot of legal muscle, even in the absence of lawsuits over passenger injuries. Ships are registered in countries with little oversight, and cruise workers are often from developing nations, working for very low wages. These are all ways for cruise lines to maximize profits. They will not to be generous in compensating you if you suffer an injury onboard one of their ships.

Conditions on Board May Not Be What You Expect

Today’s cruise ships are shown in advertisements as being palatial and luxurious, and in many cases, these ships really are beautiful. But any experienced cruise lawyer can tell you that keeping such a huge structure sanitary and physically safe is an enormous task, and is not always done to the highest standards. As a result, an onboard slipping or tripping hazard can easily result in personal injury.

Workers May Not Be Adequately Trained

Workers on cruise ships often give great customer service because they are dedicated to their passengers. However, many of them receive very low pay and put in grueling hours. Furthermore, they may not be adequately trained in passenger safety. If you are injured due to unsafe conditions, a cruise attorney is essential if you want to successfully bring a claim against a cruise line.

Your Cruise Tickets Are a Legal Contract

The terms and conditions printed on your cruise tickets are a legal contract heavily stacked in favor of the cruise line. You agree to these conditions when you book your cruise. These conditions specify where suit must be brought, and how long you have to pursue a claim against the cruise line, which is only one year, compared to three or more years for other personal injury cases.

You May Have an Uphill Battle in Court

You can prevail in court against a cruise line, but only if you have a cruise lawyer with specific experience with cruise cases. The laws are complex, different jurisdictions apply, and of course, cruise lines have very powerful legal teams. If you are hurt while on a cruise, contact a lawyer with cruise experience as soon as possible after the injury.


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