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Where to Turn for a Longshoremen Injury or Car Crash Lawyer

Living in a coastal area like Fort Lauderdale presents people with certain risks that they don’t get in many other parts of the country. Boating accidents are one example. The largest contributing factor to boating accidents, according to statistics, is alcohol. Operator inattention is another contributing factor as well as inexperience, excessive speed and improper lookout.

Florida has the highest number of boating accident of any state in the United States, far outnumbering the next highest state, California. In 2012, Broward County had the highest number of reportable boating accidents. These types of accidents can cause severe injury, including broken bones, head and spinal damage, burns and contusions.

Help for Victims of Boat Crashes

If someone has been the victim of a boat crash, they might be struggling with lost work, pain from injuries, property damage, mounting medical bills and emotional trauma. If the crash was someone else’s fault, then they deserve to be compensated for their losses. A boat crash lawyer will fight to get them what they deserve. They need to choose an experienced attorney who understands the complicated laws and navigation regulations.

Longshoremen Injury Lawyer

Another type of risk that is unique to a coastal area like Fort Lauderdale is longshoremen injury. Longshore industry workers face many potential risks on the job, including slips and falls, equipment-related accidents and machine accidents. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous professions in the nation. Oftentimes, these come from unsafe working conditions, which can result from a lack of safety equipment, companies that don’t follow proper protocols and hazardous environments.

If someone is a longshoreman or a harbor employee who has been injured on the job, they have the right to expect fair compensation. This might include temporary or permanent disability payments for lost wage-earning potential. In the worst-case scenario, it might mean death benefits to make sure their loved ones are supported. A longshoreman injury lawyer will guide the victims or their loved ones through the process to make sure they are adequately represented.

Whether you have been the victim of a boating accident or an injury on the job as a longshoreman, Maus Law Firm can help. We have a history of successful court cases since 1993, and because we are located in Fort Lauderdale, we know the ins and outs of the local laws and regulations. We will navigate the complexities of the court system, so you are not overwhelmed trying to get the compensation you deserve. Look us up online at or call us today for a free consultation at 954-784–6310 or 855-999–LAWS. We are ready to fight for you!


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