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What You Should Consider Before Suing A Restaurant Over Bad Food

Because we eat out far more frequently than we did in the past, it is not at all surprising that the number of lawsuits filed against eateries has risen. But when it is appropriate to take the matter to court and when is it best to simply let it slide? After all, we’ve all be served an underwhelming meal in a restaurant before; most of us simply leave a light tip. What would justify an actual lawsuit over bad food?

1. An injury. Just like any other service, restaurant patrons are entitled to and deserve a reasonable level of safety. If you were injured by something you ate and it forced you to seek medical attention and/or resulted in lost wages, you probably have a pretty strong case against the eatery. Whether caused by food poisoning or a foreign object, make sure you have trained professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.) examine and document your injuries.

2. The size of the establishment. There’s a reason fast food restaurant chains are sued more often than delis and diners, and that reason is money. Even if the eatery served you bad food that made you sick, the costs of filing a lawsuit may outweigh the benefits if the restaurant doesn’t generate much revenue.


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