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The Specialized Skills of a Cruise Law Firm

With cruise vacations, the “contract of carriage” consists of the terms and conditions spelled out on your cruise tickets. This is a carefully crafted legal document that weighs heavily in the favor of the cruise company and makes it difficult for injured passengers to seek compensation after being hurt on a cruise. These onerous terms do indeed discourage many passengers from pursuing injury claims, but there is no reason not to hold a cruise company responsible when they are at fault.

Accountability and Passenger Injuries

Accidents happen everywhere, and cruise ships are no exception. People slip, trip, or may be injured by falling objects while on a cruise. Many of these accidents could have been prevented, and in these cases, injured parties should contact a cruise ship accident attorney for assistance.

Accountability and Crew Injuries

Crews working aboard cruise ships are often subject to very long hours at low pay and may be hired from countries with poor labor laws on the books. Many crew injuries can be prevented, and cruise injury attorneys can help determine who is liable after an incident and how to pursue just compensation. Crew members generally work very hard to keep passengers happy, but they are often subject to dangerous conditions and long hours.

Interpreting Maritime Law

Perhaps the main reason to hire a cruise ship accident attorney after a cruise injury is that jurisdiction can be extremely complex. Depending on where the ship was located when the incident took place, U.S. law, laws of a foreign country, or international maritime law may take precedence. Most non-cruise injury cases do not have to deal with these complexities. Therefore it is critical that you choose a cruise law firm with experience litigating cruise cases if you’re injured during a cruise.

Working Quickly to Solve Problems

The terms and conditions of a cruise place strict time limits on notifying cruise companies of legal actions and filing suit. Cruise companies also specify where lawsuits must be filed, regardless of where a passenger lives. Cruise attorneys know they have to work fast, and they know how to hold cruise lines accountable for their actions.