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The Cruise Accident Law Firm: A Necessity, Not a Luxury

Even the most talented general practice attorney would find a cruise line lawsuit baffling and complex. When a passenger is injured onboard a cruise ship, elements of state law, federal law, maritime law, and possibly international law may be involved. Cruise accident law firms

are prepared and know exactly how to proceed when an injured passenger makes a claim against a cruise line. How Cruise Lines Duck Responsibility The terms and conditions printed on your cruise tickets have two very important clauses that you should know about. First, they specify that if you file suit against the cruise line, you have to do it in a specific venue, usually Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Second, they specify that you only have one year after an onboard injury in which to file suit against the cruise line. Cruise Ship Law Firms in South Florida Cruise ship law firms in Miami and Fort Lauderdale know all the tactics cruise lines use to deflect lawsuits and avoid taking responsibility when their negligence results in injury. These law firms also know which laws apply and how to hold cruise lines responsible. A lawsuit isn’t always necessary, but when it is, you need an attorney with experience going up against cruise lines on your side. Prepare to Act Swiftly Even if you don’t want to file suit, contacting a cruise injury lawyer is important after you’re injured on a cruise. You only have one year in which to act, and cruise lines are great at delaying responses to your questions in order to run out the clock. By contacting a cruise injury lawyer promptly, you keep more of your options open for compensation. When a Free Cruise is Not Enough Cruise lines often will “settle” an injury claim by offering a free cruise or by refunding the cost of the cruise on which you were injured. But is that really sufficient when you had thousands of dollars in medical bills, or an injury with long term consequences? Don’t let a cruise company shortchange you if you’ve been injured. Find an experienced cruise injury attorney and hold the cruise company responsible.


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