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Selecting the Best South Florida Personal Injury Law Firm

Challenging powerful insurance companies in personal injury cases is not for the faint of heart. If you need a personal injury lawyer, you need someone with experience, skill, and a proven track record of standing up for clients’ rights. But you also need a South Florida personal injury lawyer who treats you as an individual, giving your case the personal attention it requires.

Auto and Other Motor Vehicle Accidents
A car accident is one of the most common situations in which a person must fight one or more insurance companies to receive adequate compensation for personal injuries. When cases involve large trucking companies or uninsured motorists, they become even more complicated. Does your personal injury lawyer have a record of successful litigation and settlements with insurance companies? Don’t settle for less.

Boating, Cruise Ship, and other Maritime Accidents
In sunny southern Florida, boating and other water sports are especially popular, but that means that many people are injured every year in boating accidents, on cruise ships, or while diving or snorkeling. The laws that apply to these cases vary, and may include federal maritime law, state law, or both. Your personal injury law firm needs the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience required to handle these complex cases.

Wrongful Death, Nursing Home, and Premises Liability Cases
Premises liability cases such as slip and fall accidents are also common in Florida. There are plenty of retirees in the state, and injuries that may be minor to a young person can be catastrophic or even fatal to these older citizens. Cases involving nursing homes are fairly common, as a wrongful death cases. Such cases are emotionally difficult, but choosing the right law firm can ease your burden.

Workplace Injury Claims
Florida is home to many dangerous occupations. Construction accidents, longshoremen accidents, and injuries to amusement park workers happen year-round. The right South Florida personal injury law firm has lawyers who practice before state, district, and federal courts as well as appellate courts. Standing up for your rights in workplace injury cases helps you and can result in changes that make the workplace safer for others too.


Client Testimonial

"After my car accident, the Maus law firm represented me. Mr. Maus and his entire staff are absolutely amazing! They answered all of my questions and concerns right away. They guided me step by step throughout the entire process. Mr. Maus got me the maximum settlement for my case. Very reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend the Maus law firm!"

Posted By: Carol Austin

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