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Proving That Low Speed Collision Injury Can Cause Severe Harm

Proving That Low Speed Collision Injury Can Cause Severe Harm

Rear end auto accidents often prove easier to determine fault due to car positioning, but can be challenging to substantiate severity of injury for a number of reasons.

Insurance companies often use the terms, fender bender and low impact collisions in reference to back end auto accidents. This is a strategy to minimize the notion of severity behind the accident and to aid in minimizing settlements awarded to injured victims.

While rear impact collisions can occur at differing rates of speed, both high and love speed rates can cause varying injuries. When a rear end collision occurs at a high rate of speed, there can be significant injuries to both parties and can even result in death.

Low speed collisions can also have devastating consequences as well. Although damage to the car can be minimal, the human body can’t withstand trauma as well as a metal car.

There is often an imbalance in the thought that damage to the car also equals damage to the victim, but this is not always the case and major injuries can result from low speed impact.

Our Fort Lauderdale attorneys understand the realities of automobile accidents and that damage to the car doesn’t always equate to the severity of harm to the victim.


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