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Important Information from a Broward County Hurricane Damage Law Firm

2019 Hurricane Season Alert

Make Note of These Tips from Experienced Broward County Hurricane Claim Attorneys

Hurricane season is a difficult time of year for South Florida residents. Stretching from June to November, hurricane season has caused massive property damage in Florida over the years. And Florida’s coastal areas remain at high risk for future hurricanes. Fortunately, Florida residents have some options in the face of this destruction. They can take practical steps to minimize hurricane property damage. And for the inevitable hurricane damage that cannot be avoided, they can strive to obtain compensation for their losses with the help of a Fort Lauderdale hurricane claim attorney.

South Florida Suffers Regular Hurricane Damage

The Sunshine State has more than its share of stormy weather. South Florida in particular suffers regular property damage during the annual hurricane season. Any long-time resident can confirm this, and the statistics bear it out:

▪              From 1987-2016, Florida suffered just under $71 billion in insured catastrophic losses (in 2016 dollars).

▪              7 of the 10 costliest hurricanes in U.S. history have hit Florida.

▪              Florida has 2.8 million single-family homes at risk of storm surge damage from Category 5 hurricanes and 2.3 million homes at storm surge risk from Category 4s, while leading the nation in at-risk homes for all 5 categories.

How to Minimize Property Damage from South Florida Hurricanes

Florida homeowners can take steps to minimize property damage from hurricanes, including the following:

▪              Storm Shutters: Installing storm shutters will protect your home against debris. They are also less likely than plywood boards to be detached during storms.

▪              Secure Windows and Doors:  Installation of hurricane glass, designed to withstand high winds and debris, is advisable. If you do not have storm shutters, plywood boards should be used to cover windows. The homeowner should also invest in solid entry doors and garage doors. Garage doors should be braced when a storm is coming.

▪              Roofing: Roofs can be reinforced or held down with hurricane straps.

▪              Landscaping and Surroundings: Large trees and shrubs should be trimmed to avoid damage to the house during high winds. Also avoid landscaping materials that can be blown against the house, such as gravel.

What to Do if a Hurricane Damages Your Property

If your property suffers hurricane damage, you should look to your insurance company for compensation. Unfortunately, home insurers employ numerous tactics to deny or delay claims. Just some of these tactics including claiming your damage existed prior to the hurricane, or that the damage was caused by storm surge instead of the hurricane. No matter the reason, you may need to push back against the insurance company to receive the benefits you deserve.

A Broward County hurricane insurance attorney can fight for your cause. The attorney can negotiate with the insurance company, take over the claims process, and take legal action if necessary. When insurance company tactics are impeding your claim, a hurricane damage lawyer can make the difference.

Our Hurricane Lawyers Can Help

If you are having difficulty obtaining insurance compensation for your hurricane-damaged home, contact our South Florida hurricane insurance law firm today.  To schedule a consultation, contact us via phone or online form.

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