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Pompano Beach Labor Attorney Serves the Hard Working Floridian

With few exceptions, if you have worked more than 40 hoursin a week, you are entitled to 1.5 times your regular wage for all hours you’ve worked in excess of 40. Employers will go to great lengths to avoid paying you for overtime, but they’re breaking the law and stealing from you when you do. Furthermore, if your employer is denying you overtime pay, they’re probably denying it to others as well.
Were You Injured at Work?
If you were hurt on the job, calling a Pompano Beach WorkComp lawyer as soon as you’ve received any emergency medical care is a smart move. While the Workers’ Comp process is straightforward on paper, there are numerous ways employers and Workers’ Comp insurers try to shortchange employees. They are unlikely to try these, however, if you are working with a Pompano Beach Work Comp lawyer.
Has Your Employer Refused to Honor Your Contract?
Your employment contract is binding to you and your employer. If your employer tries to breach your employment contract, for instance, by denying you an agreed-upon severance package after firing you, then you need to speak with a Pompano Beach labor attorney. Employers are bound to the contract they signed with you, and can be made to fulfill their obligations.
Have You Experienced Discrimination?
While overt discrimination in the workplace is not as common as it was 40 or 50 years ago, unfortunately it still happens. Some discrimination cases are straightforward, but many are complex. The best way to find out if you have a case is to speak with a labor attorney in Pompano Beach and explain your situation.
Is Your Work Environment Unsafe?

Employers are required to provide you with a safe workplace and can receive harsh penalties if they don’t. Suppose you were required to use a ladder that is unsound during the course of your duties. Just because nobody has been injured yet doesn’t mean your employer isn’t required to provide you with a safe ladder. A Pompano Beach labor lawyer knows how to get employers to listen. Your employer has legal representation and you should too.