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How Much Can You Drink in Florida and Still be Under the Legal Limit?

The amount of alcohol that you can have in your blood and legally operate a motor vehicle varies. There are three categories of legal BAC, blood alcohol content that constitutes the legal limit. Having over the legal limit can cause you to be charged with driving under the influence (DUI). When that happens you’ll need to contact a Ft. Lauderdale DUI defense attorney.

The strictest measure of the legal limit for alcohol is for drivers under the age of 21. For that group, a BAC in excess or .02% will trigger a DUI charge. If you are 21 or older, the amount increases to .08%. Operators of commercial vehicles are limited to a BAC of .04%.

Determining the amount of alcohol in your blood is an inexact science, and a breathalyzer is a device that police use to record your blood alcohol level. Before you go out to dinner or to a bar or consume alcohol and drive, you should know the estimated amount that you can drink before you are considered illegal. The amount varies based on one’s weight. For an average person weighing180 lbs, the number of drinks that they can consume is approximately 2, 12 oz beers, 2, 5 oz glasses of wine or 2 shots of liquor. In contrast, for an individual weighing 120 or less, the number goes down to 1 drink, while a 240 lb. person could drink up to 3 drinks. These numbers are only a reference and should not be relied upon to determine whether or not you have a legal blood alcohol level. It is always best to have no alcohol in your system when operating a motor vehicle.

Sometimes you will consume under the legal limit of alcohol, get pulled over, and still be charged by police with DUI. Police errors in administering the breathalyzer test, insufficient training, and faulty equipment all contribute to inaccurate readings and over-zealous charges. Some people have pre-existing medical conditions that prohibit them from being able to perform the field sobriety tests. Still others are taking prescription medications in legal quantities that will cause the tests to produce false positive results.

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