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Lighting Puts All Drunken Driving Cases in North Carolina on Hold

When lightning struck a transformer that belonged to the State Law Enforcement Division on July 5th, it damaged a computer server that contained 22 years’ worth of evidence on DIU cases in North Carolina.  That includes breathalyzer tests, videotapes, and other crucial information prosecutors need to try pending cases and appeals.  As a result, all DIU cases have been postponed until the server is back online.

The good news for all victims and law-abiding citizens is that the damage is not irreparable.  IT experts believe that all information will be retrieved in about one month. Although inconvenient, the problem will not alter or in any way influence the charges against accused drunk drivers.  They will get their day in court, only at a slightly later date. Equally as important, their victims will still be entitled to lost wages, medical bills, property damage to their vehicles, and pain and suffering.  Their personal injury attorneys will soon be able to access the information they need to prove their cases in a court of law.