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Lawyers Aren’t Just for Big Corporations and the Wealthy

Lawyers are often portrayed by Hollywood as slick men who are in the pockets of the wealthy and big corporations. In fact, many lawyers spend their careers helping ordinary middle class people with the legal problems that arise in everyday life. Discrimination lawyers assist with cases of harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and injury lawyers help people hurt in accidents. At the Maus Law Firm, we work every day for people just like you.

Standing Up for Hardworking People

Overtime theft is finally receiving some of the media attention it deserves. When your employer denies you overtime pay that you have earned, he might as well reach into your wallet and help himself to some of your cash. An overtime attorney can help you get that overtime you’ve earned. It’s not easy to stand up to an employer who is cheating you, but overtime theft needs to be stopped.

Workers’ Comp Cases Can Be Complicated

Employment lawyers are frequently called to help those who are involved in accidents at work. The Workers’ Comp process seems simple, but it can grow complicated, particularly if you want to change doctors, or if you become eligible for Social Security disability. If you’re finding Workers’ Comp procedures confusing, call an employment lawyer.

When You’re Injured Off the Job

The premises liability lawyer works on behalf of people injured when going about their daily lives. Slipping in a neglected spill at a supermarket or tripping and falling due to an unmarked tripping hazard can result in the need for medical care. As we all know, medical care costs add up rapidly. A premises liability lawyer can help ensure you are able to pay your medical bills resulting from another party’s negligence.

You Have Rights and You Should Stand Up for Them

If you need an overtime attorney don’t hesitate to call. They’re there to help people like you. Likewise, the car accident lawyer, boat accident lawyer, and Workers’ Comp lawyer make careers out of helping everyday people with common legal problems. At the Maus Law Firm, our skilled attorneys have the experience and the desire to help working people when they have been wronged.

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