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Is a roof leak covered under my property insurance coverage?

Is a roof leak covered under my property insurance coverage?

To make a long story shorter, repairs to your roof are usually excluded under your property insurance. But the damage that occurs inside your house as a result of a roof leak, may be covered. This type of damage is known as ensuing damage. And under more recent property homeowner insurance policies, some ensuing damage may not be covered.

Florida homeowner insurance policies used to cover roofs, and would pay for the replacement of your roof if it was damaged or destroyed by a storm. That all began to change when Hurricane Andrew hit in 1992, and roof replacement coverage was virtually eliminated after Florida was hit by Hurricanes Wilma and Katrina in 2005. Most homeowner property insurance policies no longer cover damage caused to a roof. However, the damage to a roof could be covered under your windstorm coverage depending on the cost of repairs and your deductible.

But even though repairs to your roof are not normally covered by your homeowner’s policy, if the leaking roof and the water that comes through the leak causes damage to your house or the contents of your house, your homeowner policy may provide coverage. Speak to the best property damage lawyer in Florida to review your policy and determine how much your policy provides.


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