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How To Settle A Car Crash Without Insurance

When an auto accident results in only minor damage, both drivers may agree to settle the issue without getting their insurance companies involved. Why? Going through insurance is generally pretty straightforward, but it may result in high monthly premiums, regardless of blame. Therefore, handling the situation on their own can be less expensive for both parties.  However, it is often much riskier. With that in mind, here are three things you must do if you decide to settle an auto collision without the aid of insurance.

1. Exchange information. Just as you would were you going through insurance, you need the other driver’s info, including name, phone numbers, address, drivers’ license numbers, etc.

2. Get a police report. When it comes to establishing blame for an auto accident, nothing is more persuasive than a police report. Once the officer at the scene files his/her report, negotiations over damages can commence without argument or dispute.

3.  Obtain an estimate. Negotiations over damages should run far more smoothly if you get two or three estimates for repairs instead of one. Although these quotes may only vary by a small amount, they will let the other party know that you would like to settle things as quickly and inexpensively as possible.  Insisting that you use a particular mechanic almost always makes things harder than they have to be.