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Hire A Knowledgeable South Florida Attorney To Help Determine Liability After A Cruise Accident

There are many different factors that can contribute to injury while on board a cruise ship. In order to collect damages, you must have proof that the cruise liner was negligent and that negligence was a contributing factor to your accident.

One instance where the cruise liner may not be at fault for an injury that happened on board is when the injury happens at the hands of an independent contractor.

Cruise ships often hire independent companies or individuals to take care of off ship excursions and adventures. If your accident occurred while on a shore outing, it is probable that the company was independently contracted and that the ship may not be held responsible for your injury. Before you head out on an outing check the small print on the ticket or proof of purchase to see what the regulations and liabilities are for shore excursions.

Additionally, many cruise ship doctors and medical staff are considered to be independent contractors. If you were injured or consider some part of your treatment on board the ship to be negligent, the individual at fault, not the cruise ship, would be held at fault.

An experienced lawyer should be hired to help sort out and negotiate cruise ship liability situations. To learn more about the liability for passengers injured aboard cruise ships, call The Maus Law Firm today at 954-784-6310.


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