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Cruise Line Injury Attorney Necessary in Cruise Lawsuits

Your personal lawyer may be perfect for taking care of your everyday legal needs, but when you are injured on a cruise, he or she may not have the expertise needed to successfully sue a cruise line. Things that happen on cruise ships are covered by maritime law, and when you purchase a cruise ticket, you agree to be bound by very specific terms and conditions.

What to Expect After Injury on a Cruise

Medical facilities onboard cruise ships are usually very limited and may only carry basic equipment. After a cruise ship injury, getting a second opinion once you’re back on land is very important. Additionally, you must document the event, providing photos if possible because cruise lines have an interest in making such situations look like the passenger is at fault.

How Cruise Lines Try to Limit their Liability

The terms and conditions printed on your ticket and on the cruise line’s website can be very discouraging to injured passengers. Suits must be filed in certain venues, must be reported to the parent company within a very short time, and usually suits must be filed within one year from the date of injury. Cruise lines count on injured passengers giving up rather than pursuing the company with the help of a cruise line injury attorney.

How a Cruise Line Accident Attorney Approaches a Case

An experienced cruise line accident attorney knows all the tricks in the cruise line’s bag and understands the complicated nature of cruise injury claims. A competent cruise line accident lawyer is skilled in the applicable laws and needs to be aggressive, persistent, and experienced in order to be successful on your behalf.

How Cruise Lines Respond to Injury Claims

If you contact a cruise line directly to report an injury, you will be lucky to hear back from the cruise line. At most they may offer you a refund or a free cruise. Cruise lines are adept at stalling so that the one-year statute of limitations for filing suit runs out before an injured passenger files. An experienced cruise line accident lawyer is the key to avoiding these problems.