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Cruise Line Hiring Practices May Not Be Sufficiently Stringent

Recently the public has learned more about problems aboard cruise ships, putting the cruise industry at the center of unwelcome media attention. Incidents like the fire aboard the Carnival Triumph have caused more people to question how cruise lines hire crew members, and have prompted more than one cruise lawsuit. At the Maus Law Firm, we have experience standing up to cruise lines after people are injured on cruises.

Number of Crimes Aboard Cruise Ships Unknown

Under current laws, only certain crimes on cruise ships are required to be reported to the public, so the number of crimes committed on cruises is unknown. A recent case involved an 11-year-old girl being touched inappropriately by a crew member on the Disney Dream. Though the alleged incident occurred while the ship was docked in the US, law enforcement wasn’t notified till the next day, although the girl’s family notified ship officials immediately.

Cruise Ship Hiring Practices

Cruise lines claim to be strict with their hiring practices, but any cruise lawyer will tell you that “background checks” on crew members are not done independently, but rather come through recruiters working for cruise lines. Most cruise workers are good people, but many come from places in the world where background records are insufficient.

Before Going on Your Cruise

It may be the most boring thing you ever read, but if you’re going on a cruise, you should read the terms and conditions on your tickets. They will specify where you have to file a cruise lawsuit if you are injured or assaulted, as well as how long you have to bring a claim against the cruise line – usually 12 months after an injury.

Act Swiftly if You Are Injured or Assaulted on a Cruise

If you’re injured or assaulted on a cruise, write down what happened, get contact information from witnesses, and take photos of the injury and the place on the ship where you were injured. It isn’t easy to sue a cruise line, but with a cruise lawyer experienced in these cases, like the ones at the Maus Law Firm, you have the best chance of receiving fair compensation for your injuries.


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