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Cruise Law Firms Understand The Legal Limitations Of Cruise Line Cases

People who have been injured on cruise ships face certain obstacles and limitations when it comes to pursuing compensation. That is why it pays to have a competent and experienced legal team on their side. A cruise law firm will have the knowledge and expertise to deal with the obstacles and seek justice for their client.

The Maus Law Firm has been successfully representing clients since 1993, getting just compensation for crimes, accidents and negligence. If you need a cruise line injury attorney, Call Us At 954-784-6310 Or 855-999-LAWS Today!

A Cruise Line Injury Attorney Can Confront The Obstacles

One of the biggest obstacles in cruise line lawsuits has to do with the limitations placed on cruise tickets, which serve as legally binding contracts for those who use them. Often, people don’t read the fine print, so they are unaware of the limitations that they have agreed to and the rights they have waived.

The boarding pass usually contains some sort of provision that requires passengers to give written notice of any injuries within a certain amount of time, say six months. They also often place a limit of a year on the passenger’s right to sue them, and they will restrict where they can be sued.

They might include a class action waiver within the small print of their terms and conditions, which can create a further obstacle in cases where a whole bunch of passengers have been injured or mistreated. These limitations are meant to intimidate and discourage lawsuits, but a cruise law firm is not intimidated by such things.

The reality is that individuals who have been injured on a cruise ship have a legal right to seek fair compensation for their pain and suffering. Even with limitations, it is entirely possible to win a case against the largest cruise ship companies. It just takes a law firm with the experience and tenacity to get it done.

There are many ongoing difficulties that can result from one unfortunate experience. An injury might lead to lost wages, mounting medical bills that are not entirely covered by insurance, or the emotional and psychological toll that is harder to measure.

Overcome The Limitations And Get Compensation

It is best to contact an attorney right away so they can investigate the facts of the case and start working immediately to get compensation. If you need a cruise line injury attorney, trust a law firm with a proven track record and plenty of experience fighting these kinds of cases.

The Maus Law Firm has been dealing with cruise line cases since 1993, and we have a vast and intricate understanding of maritime law. We know what your legal rights are, what the particular obstacles and limitations might be, and we have the commitment to keep fighting until you get the compensation you deserve.

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For a free consultation, Call Us At 954-784-6310 Or 855-999-LAWS Today!


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