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Cruise Accident Lawyer Explains Complexities of Cruise Lawsuits

While an injury accident due to negligence at work or in public may be straightforward in terms of settlement or trial, the same is not true of injuries suffered while on a cruise. Many layers of law apply to cruise ships, making it complicated to know exactly where the cruise line’s legal liabilities are. Cruise line terms and conditions add another layer of complexity.

Common Cruise Ship Injuries

Cruise ship injuries are like those suffered elsewhere. Common ones include:

•    Viral illnesses and food poisoning
•    Slip injuries
•    Tripping over inadequately marked hazards
•    Assault
•    Accidents on land excursions

It takes a skilled cruise injury lawyer to know exactly which laws apply and how to get a fair settlement from a cruise line after an injury.

Protect your Rights Before Cruise Ends

If you’re injured on a cruise, don’t wait till the cruise is over to protect your legal rights. Document the incident as thoroughly as you can. Take pictures or video of the site of the accident plus any hazards that led to your accident. Gather contact information for witnesses, and be prepared to contact a cruise accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Time is Critical

Cruise lines generally specify a period of one year from the date of an injury in which you can file suit. They also specify the exact city where suit must be brought. These specifications make it imperative that you contact a cruise injury attorney as soon as possible. Even if a cruise line seems amenable to settling, be aware that they may simply be stalling as a way to use up the one year statute of limitations without having to help you.

Specialist Cruise Injury Attorney is Best

A cruise injury lawyer with experience against big cruise companies in court represents your best chance for a fair settlement from a cruise line after a cruise injury. Even the most competent lawyer can become confused about your rights if he or she has not dealt with specific cruise-related cases. If you want fair compensation for your cruise ship injury, you must be prepared to act swiftly and demand justice.

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