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A Cruise Accident Attorney Explains Most Common Types of Cruise Injuries

When you book a cruise, you agree to terms that make it difficult to recover damages if you are injured during the cruise. Statutes of limitations for cruise ship injuries are shorter than for other types of injuries (like those received in a car accident), and you normally have to file suit in a specific jurisdiction specified by the cruise line. However, if you work with an experienced cruise injury law firm like the Maus Law Firm, you can overcome the challenges of holding a cruise line accountable. Here are four of the most common types of injuries people suffer while on cruises.

Slipping Accidents

Pools, spas, and small water parks on board cruise ships are common, and quite naturally, the area around these features regularly get wet. Follow all the same safety rules you would at home when visiting a pool or water park, and make sure your children do too. Your choice of footwear is important. Non-slip pool shoes, or athletic shoes with rubber soles are best for maintaining traction in potentially slippery environments.

Tripping Accidents

Thresholds, slight differences in elevation, and odd-sized steps cause tripping accidents, as do items and equipment that are not stored properly. Always watch where you’re going, and pay attention to signage warning of tripping hazards. If you notice an unmarked tripping hazard, report it to a crew member so they can correct the hazard or mark it to warn others.

Viral Illnesses

Viral illnesses on cruise ships regularly make the news, and an experienced cruise ship attorney will encounter cases of sickened passengers on occasion. The good news is that the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is working with cruise lines to minimize outbreaks, and a vaccine against the most common “stomach bug” viruses found on cruise ships is in early human trials. But you should still do your part by washing hands frequently and thoroughly and insisting your traveling companions do the same.

Shore Excursion Injuries

Shore excursions may include zip-lining, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, or visiting museums. These excursions are typically outsourced by the cruise company. The best way to stay safe is to choose shore excursions carefully. If you are injured while on a shore excursion, obtain medical care, document the incident while it is still fresh in your mind, and consider contacting a cruise ship attorney at your first opportunity.

An experienced cruise injury law firm like the Maus Law Firm most commonly deals with injuries like the ones described above. Sometimes these injuries require ongoing care, or may put a person out of commission for an extended period. It is possible to hold cruise lines accountable if you choose your law firm and attorney with care.


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