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Benefits Of Hiring A Pompano Beach Labor Lawyer

Benefits Of Hiring A Pompano Beach Labor Lawyer

After employees are hurt on the job, they often need expensive medical treatment. Many injured workers are unable to work, making it difficult to pay their bills. Although workers compensation law can be confusing, labor attorneys understand how to help injured workers through the process.

What to Discuss with Your Pompano Beach Work Comp Lawyer

It’s normal to have questions. Some topics to discuss with your Pompano Beach work comp lawyer include:

1. Lost wages

It is possible to obtain compensation for lost wages depending on the circumstances. Your labor attorney can advise you to whether you have a case. Basically, you may be able to recover lost wages if your temporary or permanent disability is due to a condition caused by your job or due to your job.

It is not possible to recover 100 percent of your lost wages. According to work accident compensation laws, you can recover a maximum of 66 2/3 percent of your average wages during the 13-week period before your injury.

2. Settling a claim

There are cases in which an insurance company is willing to settle your workers compensation claim. Your Pompano Beach work comp lawyer can assist you in the compensation recovery process, possibly including future medical care and loss of income.

3. Medical treatment

Although there are limited circumstances during which you can choose a doctor, typically the insurance company determines the claimant’s initial medical provider. Current statutes allow an injured worker a one-time change of doctor only.

You can receive mileage reimbursement from the insurance company for travel to and from the doctor’s office or medical facility. The insurance company or attorney usually gives you a mileage log to fill out when you drive to medical appointments.

4. Average Weekly Wage

Your average weekly wage (AWW) determines your temporary total disability (TTD) or temporary partial disability (TPD). The court calculates your AWW by averaging your wages during the 13-week period immediately preceding the date of your accident. In cases where the claimant has not worked a full 13 weeks, the employer can provide figures from another employee in the same position who has worked a full 13 weeks.

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