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A Slip And Fall Lawyer Can Obtain Fair Compensation For Accident Victims

Slip and fall accidents, unfortunately, are common causes of injury, both in the work place and in public buildings. From a legal standpoint, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the areas are not dangerous.

Sometimes, these types of accidents are caused by a spilled liquid or something more permanent, like a broken tile or cracked concrete. Whatever the cause, injuries run the gamut from very minor scrapes and bruises to severe and debilitating disabilities.

Work Injury Lawyer

When people are injured in slip and fall accidents, they might be entitled to compensation, especially if the accidents result from the property owners’ negligence. In Pompano Beach, the attorneys at the Maus Law Firm can help.

We’ve been assisting victims of serious accidents since 1993. If you need a slip and fall lawyer or a work injury lawyer, we have the experience and proven track record to fight for you. To set up a free consultation, Call Us At 954-784-6310 or 855-999-LAWS Today!

Causes Of Slip And Fall Accidents

If a responsible person fails to provide a warning of a possible hazard, he or she can be held liable for any injuries that the hazard causes. For example, if a floor is being polished and has become slippery or if there is an uneven floor surface or sudden steps, some kind of warning sign should be placed in a highly visible location.

The same goes for low ceilings. Objects or spilled liquids on the ground that have not been cleaned up also can constitute negligence.

These all are common causes of slip and fall accidents, but there are many factors outside of a building that can create problems, as well. For example, ice on a sidewalk, potholes and broken paving stones—warnings should be provided for all of these situations so that people know to avoid them.

Kinds Of Injuries Resulting From Slip And Fall Accidents

There are many ways that people can become injured in slip and fall accidents. Some of these are relatively minor, but others require hospitalization and might even produce long-term disabilities. Here are just a few common ways that people get hurt in these types of accidents:

1. Broken Bones

Often, when people fall, they attempt to catch themselves with their hands. This can cause broken bones in the hand or wrist.

In other cases, people can break their ankles, legs, hips or even fracture their skulls. Broken bones take a long time to heal, so this kind of accident can have long-term consequences.

2. Spinal Cord Injury

Injuring the spinal cord often is devastating and can result in partial or complete paralysis. This can happen when someone falls and hits his or her back on a hard object, such as a box or shelf, or when people fall at odd angles.

3. Head Trauma

A head wound can be dangerous. An open wound might bleed profusely; a closed wound might result in a brain injury or concussion. More severe head trauma can cause permanent, life-altering damage.

Whatever the nature of the accident, Maus Law Firm can help you obtain compensation. To set up a free consultation in Pompano Beach, Call Us At  954-784-6310 or 855-999-LAWS Today!

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