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5 Cases When You Might Need A Pompano Beach Slip And Fall Lawyer

5 Cases When You Might Need A Pompano Beach Slip And Fall Lawyer

There are certain occasions when it’s easy to accept that there’s the chance of injury, including motorcycle riding, skydiving and playing sports. However, there’s nothing worse than experiencing an unprecedented injury when you’re doing something that’s supposed to be fairly mundane.

Unfortunately, there are a number of ways that you can injure yourself on someone else’s property, whether it’s in a store, commercial building, office or even a sidewalk. If you were injured because of someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you need a Pompano Beach slip and fall lawyer.

At Maus Law Firm, we help clients who have been in a variety of slip and fall accidents, and we can help you too. Call us today at 954-784-6310, and read on for five causes of injuries that may not have been your fault.

1. Falling Merchandise Or Other Objects

If a store owner has a significant amount of merchandise on high shelves, it should be secured. Likewise, if your office has paper products on shelves, they should be safely stowed.

If falling office supplies have injured you, you may need a Pompano Beach work injury lawyer, which we can provide.

2. Slip/Trip And Fall

Unless there is a yellow caution sign present, it’s safe to assume that most surfaces are safe and dry. If you slip or trip and fall because of someone else’s negligence, you may have a legitimate personal injury case.

3. Building Code Violations

There are building codes for a reason. If you injured yourself tripping over a stair or curb that was in violation of a building code, we may be able to help.

4. Inadequate Security

If you were the victim of a crime at a location that had inadequate security, whether it was a parking lot with faulty lighting or a storefront with a broken security camera, you may be eligible to receive compensation from the property owner.

5. Unsafe Conditions

Unsafe conditions in general may be cause for a case. For example, if you were injured because of a broken step or faulty railing, the property owner may be liable for your expenses associated with the injury.

From Slip And Fall Accidents To A Pompano Beach Work Injury Lawyer

We cover everything from personal injury cases to worker’s compensation, so if you need a Pompano Beach work injury lawyer, we can take care of you.


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