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3 Things You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation

If you ever happen to amputate your finger in the deli you’re working for or develop an illness due to dangerous insulation, workers’ compensation is supposed to  compensate your medical expenses and pay for any days you were absent from work. To make sure you get the workers’ comp you deserve, here are three things you should know about workers’ compensation:

1. Report Everything

OK, so being a snitch isn’t exactly what we mean here, but it is important to report any work illness or injury you have that your doctor says is due to your job. This report should be sent to the HR (human resources) department, your supervisor or your employers’ risk-management department. Follow up with your boss afterward. If you don’t receive paperwork or a call from the insurance company something is up.

2. See The Right Doctor

If your injury is an emergency, an ambulance will take you where you need to go. But in a non-emergency, it’s important to go to the clinic or doctor your employer tells you to visit, or your bills might not be covered by workers’ comp.

3. Tell The Doctor On Them

Make sure your healthcare provider is aware you were injured on the job. This will automatically send your bills to the company rather than to your mailbox.

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