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3 Things the Cruise Lines Will Never Tell You

If you’re one of the 10 million Americans that will take a cruise this year, here are a 3 things you should know before you embark.

1. May not be as safe as you think

When compared to other modes of travel, more injuries occur aboard cruise ships than on planes, trains, or buses; mostly because guests spend more time on them. They also move around a lot more than other travelers, which means they might slip and fall on the desk, down the stairs, or around the pool area.  And because cruises serve their guests several meals while on board, the risk of food poisoning and stomach flu is much higher.

2. Drinking is one of the most popular onboard activities

Drinking and sailing have a very long history. But aboard some of the world’s best cruises, guests take bibulosity to the extreme. Many have open bars that almost never close or turn drunk passengers away, while others charges a fixed daily fee for all-you-can-drink packages. Not surprisingly, most guests make sure they get their money’s worth.

3. Feeling queasy? Mal de mer may not be the issue!

In addition to food poisoning, several major cruise ships have been hit with highly contagious stomach bugs that can affect hundreds of passengers at a time. The norovirus, for example, causes diarrhea and vomiting and spreads like wildfire in confined, public places.  Just last year, it made 118 passengers sick on a Royal Caribbean Cruise.


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Posted By: Debra Murray