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18-Wheelers Cause Catastrophic Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are many ways that you, when driving your automobile or SUV can become involved in an 18-wheeler accident. An 18-wheel tractor trailer is commonly known as an 18-wheeler. When fully loaded, an 18-wheeler can weigh as much as 10 times as much as some automobiles and you don’t need a degree in physics to imagine the catastrophic damages that can occur in a collision. There are three types of 18-wheeler accidents that cause the highest percentage of fatalities on our Florida highways.

Conditions that May Cause an 18-Wheeler Accident

“Rear-Ending” a Parked 18-Wheeler

One of the most violent collisions that can occur when driving on Florida’s main artillery highways like I-95 or I-10 is when a passenger vehicle smashes into the back of a parked 18-wheeler. Tractor trailers sometimes have to make stops along the side of the road for repairs like fixing a flat tire and there is not always enough shoulder to accommodate the width of the truck. An oncoming motor vehicle can clip one half to two thirds of the right side of their car on the rear left of the trailer and shear the upper half of the car clean off. These collisions usually happen when the car is traveling at high speed as the stopped tractor trailer is completely unexpected.

“Right-Hand” Turns

When an 18-wheeler has to make a right hand turn on a city or local road it first has to pull into the left-hand land to accommodate the length of the vehicle and its’ turning radius. Impatient motor vehicle operators often fail to observe the right turn signal and try to pass the 18-wheeler on the right just as the truck is about to make the turn. When this occurs the back half of the trailer will run right over top of the vehicle like a mere bump in the road, crushing and killing the inhabitants of the automobile.

Improper Loading of Tractor Trailer

If an 18-wheeler is not loaded properly and the cargo secured to the floor of the trailer, the load can shift when the vehicle goes around a bend in the highway causing the vehicle to tip-over. If you are in a motor vehicle on the side of the tractor trailer when such a load shift occurs you could be forced off of the highway or crushed beneath the load of the trailer.

These are just a few of the many catastrophic situations that 18-wheelers can cause on our Florida highways. If you have been injured or have had a loved one killed in a South Florida accident involving an 18-wheeler, please give the Mause Law Firm a call. We are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of suing the insurance company of the company that owns the tractor trailer and/or the company that makes the products that they are carrying. We will leave no stone unturned in order to prove the negligence of the driver or the company involved in the accident.


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